A GFNY La Vaujany Special

The view from my apartment in Vaujany as dusk settled in around 21:30 in the evening.

Heading Back to France — We Will Re-Join #OnlyWhenChased on June 25

Built to climb.

The Pace Remains the Same

The bar is soooo low!

The long run that capped off the first ten weeks of running.


The author dipping a toe, by trying a duathlon. Trusty steed just to the right.

It’s Time to Face the Role the Immutable Laws of Physics Play in the Borough’s Transportation Crisis

GFNY Florida Marked the Return to Racing, Meeting the Mayor, and Getting a Peak Under the Big Top of GFNY

Friday Group ride with Nelson Vails — for as big as this ride was, the Saturday ride was even bigger.

#GFNYFallSeason Happening at GFNY Florida, Sebring

Taking a bite out of the pandemic! GFNY has developed safety protocols to keep racing safe and get back on the road.

Fear and Loathing on the Col de Peyresourde, Cycling on Trial in the U.K. a handshake deal to get a superstar to the Giro, 6.5 w/kg the New Gold Standard — Hey Rube, Where’s the Renewal?

Chris Geiser

A family guy, tech-pro, and cycling enthusiast.

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