An Epic Fail on Being Epic

Stage was set. PerfPro was loaded, and I would be ready.
The make-shift mask — made from the GFNY buff and 2 coffee filters (not shown).
Cafe stop — as described. Chaz met us there. Far right — the horse’s ass — literally, #8, the worst part of this donkey is that he races like the ass that bets on him.
  1. The time on the trainer while productive for training, is just that, productive for training. It doesn’t provide the intangibles that make cycling the presence it is in my life. Grateful as I am to be able to train, Non è la stessa cosa! (It’s not the same thing).
  2. The reason that folks are doing things with video conferencing and whatever else is not for training, it’s for connection — that’s the important part. And I should have done that.
  3. Time spent on the trainer could have been time connecting with a friend, by phone, by text, whatever.
  4. The bike will be there when we get back.
  5. You can keep me out of Tuscany, but you can’t keep Tuscany out of me.
Hoping to return to the scene of the crime in the Fall.




A family guy, tech-pro, and cycling enthusiast.

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Chris Geiser

Chris Geiser

A family guy, tech-pro, and cycling enthusiast.

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