GFNY Cozumel 2018 — Because the 3x is the Charm!

#Totos bike is ready to go, both bikes make a sweet perch for Midnight as he contemplates what it means to “Be a Pro for a Day!”
Nice try #Toto “I think I read on the Delta website that if I am a kind-hearted Canadian, that my bike goes free? I bet you can’t see that bit from our computer there eh?”

And we are off!

A pleasant surprise as I scanned my boarding pass. Starting off on the right foot. Our bikes being loaded for Cozumel, and the shoreline as we landed. A Led Zeppelin style arival on a rockstar plane, as #Toto disembarks. It was here that we realized, we were both a little overdressed for the sun and sand!

Hola Cozumel!

The airport was all GFNY! Cyclists from all over coming into this beautiful island to be part of the #GFNYFallSeason. #Toto and Jouqin our guide and van concierge. #PoolGFNY our backyard for the next three days!
Mexican Fritos — living up to the promise. A fantastic local meal. We stopped for a nightcap. When I asked for an orange soda, the bartender replied, “yes, I will get you one, I am sorry, are you sick?”


Lunch at Rasta’s. Erik our host let us know that his whole family would be racing tomorrow. He was at the turn on Sunday cheering — like everyone else in Cozumel it seemed.
Me, Tom, Ari, #Toto — the pre-race training table. Notice the bring your own GFNY bottle policy in effect to stay hydrated. Some of us still had scars and burnmarks from the California desert just two weeks before.

Race Day!

Show time in Cozumel #Spettacolo the whiz of the photo drones overhead, the boys in the corral, the king Waffle and the “oh gosh” poze for the folks back home telling us of how cold it was there.
Moving to take my shift in the KOW, the start line, and a typical MacGeiser, reaching for the back pocket, hamming and jamming for the camera, drifting back after a turn on the front.
Left to Right: I was happy to be of service to #695 but it didn’t seem to last long, as I started to build sme distance, and crossed the line on my own. Funny, I never knew she was there until I saw the photos.
The boys at the finish. My escalating heart rate and finishing speed. A valid question from Uli, as I am a habitual offender in this area.

And so it went:

The Airport 3x medal ceremony! The finishing touch on an awesome weekend of racing and race festivities!

Next Up: The Second Italian Job Begins — Special interviews, strade bianche and more!




A family guy, tech-pro, and cycling enthusiast.

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Chris Geiser

Chris Geiser

A family guy, tech-pro, and cycling enthusiast.

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