March Madness — GFNY Style

Who needs hoops! Seriously?! And this is a tuition paying Seton Hall #PirateDad talking here. We are at the epicenter of a whole other flavor of March Madness. Between this Sunday, March 17 (what a great day to wear green — right), March 24, and March 31, there will be three epic GFNY Races running.

Now, if you are not a GFNY rider, maybe we need to do some explaining. But the Worldwide cycling marathon series, that honors the Italian tradition of granfondo in 20 countries, is the home of what could be called the future of cycling. Starting in New York City in 2011, the racing series branched out from it’s home in NYC, to Italy, to Cozumel, Mexico, to Colombia, all over Europe, deep into Latin America and now to Asia with GFNY Bali, and GFNY Philippines. True story, there is something for everyone in the destinations, cyclists and non-cyclists alike (read family and friends coming along).

Let’s start by unpacking Super Sunday — March 17, 2019 — GFNY Uruguay and GFNY Monterrey on the same day!

GFNY Uruguay — March 17, 2019

GFNY Uruguay runs this Sunday! Probably too late if you are not already going, but keep it on your 2020 racing calendar.

The GFNY Uruguay has been run for several years now. Not too far from Monte Video in the beautiful seaside town of Punta del Este, the riders will assemble on Sunday morning March 17, 2019 for the start of the 2019 edition. With two routes to choose from the long route of 143KM will offer racers 1,200 meters of climbing, and some challenges with Atlantic Coastal winds, on the return route. The finishers that find a strong group and work together will have the best chances to stay away until a final sprint to the finish line. Stay tuned to Facebook and Facebook Live for updates.

GFNY Monterrey — March 17, 2019

GFNY Monterrey one of several GFNY races taking place in Mexico.

Explore the stunning beauty of Monterrey, Mexico, and choose from an 80KM or 160KM route. Featuring 1,700 meters of climbing and a signature climb at the end of the route, the GFNY Monterrey will offer you a challenging course and a first class race experience. The climb through Chipinque National Park is long and winding, featuring switchbacks and a European style climb that will rev you up for a thrilling descent to the finish line!

GFNY Colombia — March 24, 2019

What else do you need to know?

Moving North, up the South American continent, and one week later — GFNY Colombia, the Latin American Championship of the GFNY Series, will be running. One of the cornerstone races in the GFNY calendar, riders will face challenging climbs and the mountainous terrain that Colombian cycling has become so famous for. Boasting almost 3,000 meters of climbing, you will hae your work cut out for you. But, to make it easier, imagine yourself among the Colombian pros, as you become a pro for a day in the new hallowed ground of cycling. As Uli Fluhme has been telling us “this is your last year to get to Colombia as an insider (cool kid), before it becomes the destination of every cyclist in the world. See it, race it, live it, and be a pro for a day in the home of some very storied pros! In addition to the race, a training camp is on offer, to get you ready for your best GFNY season ever.

Not to mention, that the Uruguay — Colombia double, is a great way to get 66% of the way to your 3x finisher medal for 2019. But more on that in another article.

GFNY Italia — March 31, 2019

Capping March Madness in the birthplace of Italian granfondo

Moving over to Toscana, in the beautiful town of Montepulciano, the strade bianche — or white roads of Tuscany await you. The week long training camp and challenging course with steep punchy climbs, limestone gravel (the strade bianche), and the iconic Tuscan country side will put you at the center of authentic Italy, in the birthplace of the tradition of granfondo.

Being guided by Ambassador Mirko D.P. you will see the course during the camp, and have a challenging day of percorso unica (one course) that offers 2,200 meters of climbing, three sectors of the white roads, and a stunning uphill finish into the center of Montepulciano.

So, March Madness — you get it right? Instead of being on the couch with the college kids — be a pro for a day!

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